Picking a TV antenna and TV antenna Mast

This webpage is for the person who is going to install a TV antenna system for an outdoor TV antenna or an attic TV antenna.  These are the types of TV antennas that I recommend in order to get the best TV antenna reception.  Bear in mind that whichever VHF TV antenna or UHF TV antenna system you pick, you may still need to purchase a TV antenna booster, TV antenna cable, a TV cable splitter, and TV antenna system filters.  This is all addressed on the previous webpage.

Like I mentioned on the previous webpage, I have had better luck with the Yagi or Log-Periodic TV antenna systems (spikey looking antennas ) than I have had with the other types.

First thing is first.  Look at the colors and compass directions for the TV stations that you got off of the FCC website.  Are the stations yellow, purple, blue, light green, green, or red?  Are they within 120 degrees of the same direction (the sky is 360 degrees around you so the stations that you are trying to get TV antenna reception on should be within 1/3 of the sky direction or you will need to purchase an extra antenna).  If your TV antenna system is going in the attic, you need to upsize your antenna.  For instance, if you have the stations in light green or red and you are placing the TV antenna in the attic, you will need to go to the blue type of antenna.  If you have a purple station, then you will need to add a TV antenna signal amplifier to a blue antenna, also.

I have categorized the antennas according to color, so scroll down until you find the appropriate color.  Now all you have to do is pick a VHF UHF outdoor TV antenna that meets your appropriate needs.  After you have picked out your antenna, scroll down further to find an appropriate TV antenna mast and mounting hardware.

Yellow Zone Antennas

Light Green Zone Antennas

Red Zone Antennas

Blue Zone TV antennas